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If you have completed the 52 walks in
'On Foot - Circular Walks on Lesvos' and 'On Foot in North Lesvos'
or are looking for more options in a particular area,
here are a few suggestions.

In any of these areas you will need your own transport -
buses do not stray off surfaced roads, and apart from a few school buses
keep to the main roads between major settlements.

LEADER+ Routes

In the years leading up to their abolition in 2010, local municipalities,
together with the central tourist organisation (EOT), and the EC LEADER+ initiative,
cleared and marked numerous walking paths of various lengths in their own areas.
These have been collected together into a guide-book, published in several languages,
which should be available in local tourist offices.
Re-organisation and budgetary constraints have left the future maintenance of these routes uncertain.

The South
The Mt Olympos region, between Plomari and Agaisos, is covered with
a network of forest roads and tracks climbing from village to village
through the mountains. Most are unsurfaced, carry very little traffic
apart from the occasional farmer in his pickup,
and offer a series of spectacular views.

Plomari Guide'Plomari', by Apostolos Makaratzis is an excellently produced guide to the Plomari area.
Locally published (by Aiolida Editions of Mitilini) in Greek and English editions,
it is primarily a walking guide (its full title is 'Trekking Trail Guide - Plomari'),
but includes brief illustrated descriptions of Plomari and the surrounding villages,
as well as information about local history, wildlife, etc.

A short guide to the Vatera area is also on sale locally.
'Vatera, Around and About', by Brian and Eileen Anderson,
describes ten walks from Vatera and four wider ranging car tours.

Uniquely, in this area the ROAD map of Lesvos also shows numerous footpaths.
Some seem to be works of fiction,
and the information should be treated with caution,
but used together with one of these books or our own 'On Foot - Circular Walks on Lesvos'
there should be no problem putting together a satisfying day's walking.

 On the west side of the Gulf of Kalloni another web of forest roads rises up behind
 the coastal village of Parakila towards the local peak of Profitis Ilias.
  A colour booklet about this area 'The Footpaths of Rhododendron',
 was published by the Municipality of Kalloni some years ago,
and may still be available there or in Skala Kallonis.

 Again, the ROAD map clearly marks most of these roads.

Trails of Lepetymnos
This is a LEADER+ initiative by the former municipality of Mithymna covering paths in the
Lepetymnos and Sikaminia area, which were cleared, signposted and waymarked ready for the 2006 season.
There are also noticeboards in Lepetymnos and Sikaminia with, to me, rather confusing maps of the routes. 
Most of these paths already feature in 'On Foot in North Lesvos'.

Sigri to Eresos
The unsurfaced 'direct' road from Sigri to Eresos follows the coastal plain south,
 skirting the edge of the petrified forest, and then climbs to cross a 200m ridge
 before descending into Eresos. In all the distance is about 16km, so you will need
 a non-walking driver for your car, or return to it by taxi.

Walking Holidays & Guided Walks

Guided Walks are becoming increasingly popular in several areas:
local tourist information offices, travel agencies, and holiday company representatives
should have details of what is available near you.
For on-line information and reservations visit:-


disa-travel-logo (1)  DiSa Travel  (          

Books & Other Information

'Lesvos car tours and walks'
by Brian & Eileen Anderson (Sunflower Guides)

This book has detailed instructions for 5 car tours and 28 walks covering the whole island
(the walks  concentrate on the south). 
A car is also required to reach the start of most of the walks. 
The latest edition, dated 2014, was published in December 2013.

'Lesbos' by Thomas Schröder
 If your German is up to it this is an excellent guide to the island,
 which includes simple instructions for twenty walks in various parts of the island.
 But be warned, he expects serious walkers: his suggested starting time, sunrise.

Lesbos - Chios
by Pepe Phillips & Stephan Anstötz (Rother Wanderführer)

Also in German, this guide contains details of 28 walks on Lesvos
(and a further 14 on the neighbouring island of Chios)
GPS tracks to accompany the descriptions are available to download.

'Sigri: Where the Road Ends', by Roy Lawrance
 This little book, by a regular English visitor to Sigri,
 is a useful short guide to the area and its wildlife,
 illustrated with his own drawings,
 It  includes a number of walks, mainly to beaches near Sigri,
and is available direct from the author at
 87 Glebe Road, Deanshanger, Milton Keynes, MK19 6LX, UK

'Trekking Trails of Lesvos'

Four signed and waymarked long distance trails, from Sigri to Eresos in the west,
Petra to Lapsarna along the north-west coast,
Sikaminia to Kapi following the flanks of the Lepetymnos range,
and Vatera to the Gulf of Gera in the South

These routes were set up some years ago:
time, road-building and other changes mean that whatever continuity they may have had has been lost.
You will still come across some of the signs and waymarks,
but any attempt to follow them is, in our experience, doomed.


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