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Travel from the UK

Direct Flights & Package Holidays

According to Thomas Cook's website, holiday and flight-only bookings are open for 2018 from
Gatwick, Birmingham, and (a welcome return), Manchester,
with the first outbound flights on Saturday 5 May, and the last returns on Saturday 6 October.

NB The latest printed brochures from Thomas Cook (July 2017) and their subsidiary Manos (April 2017)
still only list Gatwick and Manchester as departure airports.

Olympic Holidays (
continue with their program of semi-independent holidays in Lesvos,
using Thomas Cook flights.

Thomas Cook's published programme for 2017 from Gatwick and Birmingham 
starts on Saturday 6 May 2017, with the last return flight on Saturday 30 September. 
(There are no flights from Manchester in 2017)

The Thomas Cook Group (
includes Manos (,
and Neilson Active Holidays (
(Neilson is at Aeolian Village Resort, Skala Eressou, from 6 May)

Olympic Holidays (
have a program of semi-independent holidays in Lesvos,
using Thomas Cook flights.

Flight-only bookings are available at


 Independent Travel

There are one or two Ryanair flights daily to Athens,
and one to Thessaloniki, all from London Stansted
There are frequent direct flights to Athens by
British Airways (, 
and Aegean Airways (
from London Heathrow.
(Olympic Air ( flights are now code-shared with, and operated by, Aegean.)

Aegean Airways have two direct flights a week from Manchester to Athens (Tuesday & Friday),
two from Birmingham (Tuesday & Saturday), and two from Edinburgh (Monday & Thursday) .
(The Birmingham flights operate from 20 June to 23 September 2017,
and the Edinburgh ones from 19 June to 18 September)

easyJet ( flies to Athens from London Gatwick (daily), Manchester (4 flights a week)
and Edinburgh (2 flights a week),
and to Thessaloniki from Gatwick (daily) and Manchester (3 flights a week)

(Aegean, easyJet and Ryanair frequencies are from their published schedules for June 2017 -
they may change, or be different in other months)

There are onward flights to Mitilene from Athens and Thessaloniki by Aegean/Olympic
and Astra Airlines (
NB. when searching for flights, note that the airline spelling is Mytilene.
To avoid confusion, use the international codes, ATH (Athens) & MJT (Mitilene).
Through bookings from the UK and Netherlands are available.

Travel from elsewhere in Europe
(Travel companies can change their plans without warning:
this list is not necessarily complete)

from the Netherlands

Corendon (, Sunweb ( and TUIfly ( offer direct flights from Amsterdam to Mytilene, several days a week.

from Germany/Austria

Air Berlin ( or flies on Wednesday from Munich and Vienna direct to Mytilene. There are connecting flights from major German cities to Munich or Vienna.

from Finland

Air Berlin flies in the season every Wednesday from Helsinki to Mytilene (via Munich or Vienna).

from Denmark

Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia ( flies to Mytilene on Sundays in the holiday season.

from Italy

Vueling offers direct flights from Rome to Mytilene at 07:00 on Saturdays from 2 July ( There are connecting flights from Spain and other European countries, but all involve an overnight wait at Rome.

Scheduled flights via Athens or Thessaloniki

All major European airlines (including budget operators easyJet and Ryanair) fly to Athens and Thessaloniki from most main airports.

Aegean Airways (, which includes Olympic Air ( now has direct flights between Athens and most major European cities, from Madrid and Dublin in the west, through Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm to Moscow in the east, with connecting flights and through bookings to and from Mitilene.

Flights from Athens and Thessaloniki

Onward flights to Mytilene are offered by Aegean Airlines (, Olympic Air ( and Astra Airlines ( Less frequent connections are available from the bigger islands in Greece, like Rhodes and Crete



Ferry schedules to and from Mitilene seem to change almost daily - this is the position from May 2017,
according to published schedules in March. 

Hellenic Seaways ( has five sailings per week from Piraeus.
(Two of these are via Samos, taking almost 17 hours, and continue to Kavala)

Blue Star Ferries (, has three a week, also from Piraeus, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays,
increasing to five a week from mid-June to early September.

Apart from the services via Samos, all the above crossings are via Chios and take 11 to 12 hours.

During the summer of 2016 a Turkish company announced a new high-speed ferry service from Izmir to Mytilene,
to begin in Summer 2017 using two specially-built ships. 
Good news if it happens, but as we are still waiting for the similar service announced for summer 2016
by Hellenic Seaways, let's wait and see! 
(easyJet flies to Izmir from London Gatwick on Saturdays during the summer)

Since Summer 2015 NEL Lines ( the 'native' Lesvos ferry company,
has 'temporarily' ceased operations due to financial problems.

Until recently NEL was operating the thrice-weekly north-south route from Thessaloniki 
or Kavala to Samos via Limnos, Mitilene, and Chios.
This has now been taken over by Hellenic Seaways, sailing to and from Kavala only.

(All relevant Hellenic Seaways timetables are at

Greek law requires that all ferry passengers and their vehicles must have a standard computer-produced ticket.
Therefore any reservations made online must be exchanged for tickets either
at the companies' main agents or at their quayside ticket offices.
Hellenic Seaways have now introduced an airline-style web check-in facility.

For more on other routes to and from Lesvos see the 'Island Hopping' page.


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