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 Travel in Lesvos

Public Transport
in Lesvos is by bus or taxi.

There is an ample supply of taxis, with ranks at the airport, in Mitilene town centre
(near the country bus station at the end of Odos Ermou behind the Municipal Theatre), Kalloni, Petra and Molivos.
Most other villages have at least one local taxi.
For more information see,, or

Mitilene town services
operate from Sappho Square in the middle of the waterfront,
and the bus station near the municipal car park off Odyseus Elitis (Οδύσσεα Ελύτη) by the cargo port,
and run as far as the airport in the south, Gera to the west, and Thermi to the north.
The airport bus operates approximately hourly through the day, with a mid-afternoon break.

Country services
are operated by KTEL Lesvos from the terminal in KTEL Square (Πλατεία ΚΤΕΛ)
about five minutes walk from the town bus station;
walk north (with the car park and harbour on your right)
then left along the street next to a μασούτης (Masoutis) supermarket.
At the traffic lights at the end of the street the terminal is directly opposite.

A current timetable for the main services is posted outside,
and is now also available on-line at
(the site has an alarmingly literal built-in Google Translate facility -
on the Mitilene - Molivos route Kalloni comes out as Bella, Stypsi as Alum, and Petra as Stone)

Frequencies depend on time of year, day of week, destination etc,
but are organised to fit the schedules of school pupils, shoppers, and local workers
rather than tourists, so in general are not practical as a means of exploring the island.

From late May to mid-October there is a bus service from Eftalou,
 to the east of Molivos, via Molivos and Petra to Anaxos.
This is the latest (July 2012) timetable:

Bus Times July 2012

There is also an unpublicised network of local services connecting villages off the main road with the through services,
 usually at the central island hub of Kalloni, but sometimes at otherwise isolated road junctions.
The only way to find out about these is seems to be to ask locally,
but as they are again mainly designed, and timed, for local schoolchildren and shoppers,
they are of limited use for exploring the island.

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