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The Gulf of Gera

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P1080652a red2The smaller of the two gulfs that cut deep into Lesvos's south coast, Gera,
at least at its southern, seaward end, is simultaneously more dramatic, more intimate,
and some would say more beautiful than  the Gulf of Kalloni further to the west.

The hills that flank both sides of its narrow mouth rise directly from the sea,
and are covered with olive groves and pine woods, and wooded headlands,
where in springtime you can find rare orchids and other wild flowers,
divide its coastline into small bays, ideal for swimming.P1080661 red2

There are a few small fishing villages and harbours,
and the occasional taverna,
but the only significant settlements are Skala Loutron
on the eastern shore, where there is a large boatyard,
and Perama opposite it on the west.
During the 20th century Perama was an important leather-producing centre -
its tanneries were the largest in the Balkans.
All have now closed, and their buildings lining the road are roofless shells.


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You can find walks on both sides of the Gulf in 'On Foot - Circular Walks on Lesvos'.

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