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Front Cover enISBN 9780953921454Welcome to Lesvos
the Island of All Together*


The island of Lesvos has become world-famous. 
Nowhere else are so many local people and volunteers welcoming
refugees with so much compassion and doing the best they can
to help create a safe onward journey to their destination countries.

But unless you want it to, the refugee situation is unlikely
to affect your holiday on Lesvos.

The people of Lesvos have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Although the locals don't want to win a medal for their helping hand; they act from their sense of humanity.
Local fishermen are saving people from the rough sea every night, women are bringing food, clothes, blankets.
'Φιλοξενία' is the Greek word for hospitality, translated as 'treat a stranger as your friend'.
And the ancestors of the majority of the population of Lesvos fled to the island as refugees themselves,
when the Treaty of Lausanne forced all the Greek Orthodox population of Turkey to move to Greece in 1923.

Over a thousand volunteers from all over the world are helping out on a daily basis.
Most of them are not motivated by any political opinion, but simply by the humanitarian disaster itself.
In addition, experienced professionals from many official NGOs are helping with the crisis.

All together we make sure the refugees are taken by buses to one of the camps, fed, registered
and carried to the Greek mainland; for them Lesvos is just a stop on the way;
they do not intend staying on the island.

 Lesvos is a magical place with a unique diversity in landscape,
which has kept its authenticity in spite of increasing touristic development.
Lesvos has so much to offer: now is not the time to turn your back on the island!
Come and enjoy unforgettable holidays far away from mass tourism,
with our extremely friendly population, traditional Greek atmosphere and so much to explore:-

Orchids, wild flowers, birds, more than eleven million olive trees, oak trees, chestnuts, old footpaths,
the petrified forest, two amazing lagoons, beautiful beaches, wild horses, flamingos, hidden mountain villages,
incredible food and …. ouzo!

Lesvos is a true paradise for hiking.
Our guides
'On Foot, Circular Walks on Lesvos'
'On Foot in North Lesvos'
between them describe 52 walks
and are acknowledged to be
the best guides to walks on the island.

There is also an extensive network of trails that has recently
been signposted and way marked by the local authorities.

Click here to find all the information you need about the books, including, of course, how to buy them.

 If you have not yet visited Lesvos you will find  local and travel information here,
and links to other sites which we have found useful or interesting.

With Pandora Travel, we can help you create your perfect holiday.
Pandora provides tailor-made activities, adapted to your personal wishes:
4x4 expeditions, bird watching, fishing expeditions, cooking workshops,
hiking, horse riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, orchid expeditions, creative workshops….
and much more!
And if you want to combine your holiday with helping the refugees,
we can put you in touch with one of the NGOs

There is a local saying:-

'He who drinks the water, forgets not, and returns'.

So come soon to Lesvos,  the Island of All Together*!

*'The Island of All Together' is the title of a Dutch documentary,
showing encounters between different visitors to Lesvos: refugees and tourists.
Watch it at


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ISBN 9780953921454
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